The Batesville Area Radio Club 

Club Callsign is K5BRC

  • The club owns and maintains two repeater systems.  The repeaters are around 1200 feet elevation located on Brock Mountain approximatly 10 miles southwest of Batesville, AR.
  • The 147.270 VHF repeater requires a incoming 94.8 pl tone and an output tone of 91.5 -  More Info Here.
  • The 444.750 UHF repeater requires a 94.8 pl tone.
  • These are both Yaseu Fusion System Repeaters and will Auto switch to operate in digital mode.
  • Echo Link is available on the 147.270 - AE5RU-R Node 916445
  • A local net is held each Monday night at 8:00 PM on the 147.270 repeater.

Repeaters within 50 miles of Batesville, Arkansas