VEC patch

You no longer need to know Morse code to get an amateur radio license, simply pass a multiple-choice written exam. The test costs around $15 and your license is valid for 10 years.

There are three classes of amateur license. The entry-level Technician exam consists of 35 questions about basic electrical and radio topics; radio safety, rules, regulations, and operating procedures. You can study for the test yourself or take a formal class. I good place to study online is

When you're ready for the test, the Batesville Area Radio Club offers Monthly Exam Sessions and can schedule special exam sessions if needed. Once you have your license, the rest is up to you and we can help.

 You will find helpful friendly advice for your first ham station and how to get on the air by joining the Batesville Area Radio Club. You can also take advantage of the numerous membership benefits, including technical support from our knowledgeable Elmer's.