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K5BRC; Batesville Area Radio Club, is located in Batesville AR close to the White River.
Our repeater system consists of two Yaesu System Fusion Repeaters.
2m 147.270 + pl 94.8,  70cm  444.750 + pl 94.8

Welcome To Batesville Area Radio Club

Our purpose is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual operating efficiency, and to so conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community. We train together through radio nets, meetings, and periodic classes, to better our operating, efficiency, and skills in message traffic, and weather watching. We strive to be able to provide special radio operations, disaster relief, and emergency communications should the need arise. We endeavor to support our community, state, and nation, where the need presents itself.

We have folks within our membership involved in just about every aspect of Ham Radio. So there is something for every interest. VE test sessions, CW opperators and mobile communications to name a few. Come join us!

PLEASE NOTE:This site is under construction!! links are not working yet please check back soon for more updates.

Please note this website is a work in progress, I and others that add to the site have a life outside of Amateur radio and as such there may some delays posting information to the website.

Why Join and how donate to or become a member of our radio club.

If you are interested in community service, emergency preparedness or storm spotting Join our club as a licensed member and become part of a group of people dedicated to the advancement of communications, electronics and community well being. If you have no interest in becoming a licensed armature operator, but enjoy listening in on the weather nets and general qso’s and would like to donate for the benefit of the club. Contact one of the officers of the club or drop us an email letting us know your interest at a officer will get back to as soon as possible.

Tech Talk / Q&A / Troubleshooting Net

Technical problems and questions have been, and will be, something we all have from time to time, so we’re starting an informal net on ???????? nights as a convenient forum where you can ask yours or help somebody else work through theirs. Steve AE5RU is hosting the net on the 147.270 repeater (and anything else it’s linked to) at 7 PM on ???????? nights

Come on in and join us at our monthly meeting, there is always good fellowship interesting discussions And even presentations concerning current / future tech and other topics.

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Links will be set up in the near future. Please check back often , the site will be evolving as time allows.